Tile Heating


  • 10 Year Product guarantee
  • SABS approved
  • SO 9001:2001 Compliant
  • Damages below floor surfaces can be pin pointed and repaired
  • All installations are fitted with monitor devices during the tiling
  • process as to detect possible damage
  • No corrosion or oxidation
  • Resulting in prolonged life expectancy
  • Economical and affordable heating for tiles
  • Experience the total comfort of tiled under floor heating


Unlike conventional under floor heating systems which were placed on the slab under the screed and tile surface, Pioneer Tile heating is placed directly below the tile surface. This method of application increases the reaction time of the system by up to 80%, resulting in lower duty cycles. This in turn provides for an energy efficient system with economical running cost.

Pioneer Tile Heating systems are manufactured from a multi strand durable E.F.T. insulated element fitted with a full multi strand earth shielding which is connected to the house ELCB. This makes the product complaint with legislation and safe to install even in wet areas.

In most applications a tile heater with a power density of 200 watt per m² will cover ± 70% of the actual floor area (depending on the individual room’s heat loss factors) The configuration of the element and layout is manipulated in such a way that the heating element is positioned in the areas were you will be in contact with the floor surface.

Bathrooms and dresser units are dealt with individually and generally have a 100% floor coverage ensuring no unwanted cold patches on the floor, as you are generally bare foot in these areas.

Tile heating applications are done on the screed surface. Floors are prepared with a primer which ensures proper bond between the screed and the floor heating system. This ensures no delamination and tiles lifting at a later stage. The heating element is covered with a layer of protective fibreglass mesh and covered with a super screed and bonding agent application. The entire application is ± 1.5mm thick as to not elevate the existing floor height.

All floor heating systems are managed by either analogue, digital or intelligent digital programmable thermostats, ensuring total comfort at affordable running cost.