About Us

Pioneer Benefits to You!

•    Decorative freedom
•    Total comfort and warmth
•    Adding value to your home
•    Technical & sales hotline support
•    Workmanship superior and guaranteed
•    No Corrosion, longer lifespan
•    Custom made heating to suit your needs
•    Quick reaction time from start up
•    Resulting in economical running cost
•    Price competitive installations
•    Damage below floor surface can be pin pointed and repaired
•    SABS approved
•    Conforms to ISO 9001:2001
•    .400 micron E.T.F.E Insulation
•    SABS 0142 wiring code compliant
•    10 year product guarantee

Pioneer Floor Heating Element Summary

Pioneer offers you a range of technologically advanced multi strand elements which conforms to the highest quality standards, a suitable and safe design for each application.
All products distributed and installed are serviced and backed up both nationally and internationally with stringent safety procedures at all levels of manufacturing and assembly.

Pioneer Floor Heating Comfort Summary

A Pioneer floor heating system is not simply an appliance like a fan or column heater, but rather, a climate control system which intelligently manages comfort levels. Highly configurable, homeowners can finely tune operating behaviors and running schedules to create the perfect environment for their families – constantly monitored and maintained in the most energy efficient way possible.

Every home, family and lifestyle is unique, making comfort a very personal and relative concept. With this in mind, Pioneer has designed a uniquely flexible and versatile floor heating system which can be customised to suit any requirement.

Pioneer understands that genuine comfort management and control cannot come from simply filling a room with hot air such as in the case with heat pumps and air conditioners. Rather, to create truly warm and inviting spaces, a heating system (radiant, of course) needs to work automatically, responsively and as energy efficiently as possible to balance temperatures, manage fluctuations and deliver outstanding value-for-money