FAQ – “Questions on carpet heating”

Q: Where do you place the heating panels under the carpets?
A: Heating panels are purposely installed away from furniture with solid bases. In bedrooms heating panels are placed next to the bed and not under, in general we attempt to place the heating pad in the areas where you will be in contact with the floor surface.


Q: Can I use under carpet heating under loose rugs?
A: Although these heaters were originally designed for wall-to-wall carpets, they can also be used for loose rugs and carpets. Ask your Pioneer representative about which rugs and carpets are suitable. This type of installation is great for where you have tiled areas and no heating.


Q: How long does it take to warm up?
A: Under carpet heating is by far the quickest. The heat is felt over the carpet in a matter of minutes (15 to 30 minutes) depending on the thickness of the material. The warmth will disappear very quickly once turned off though.


Q: Can I use any type of carpets?
A: Not always. Carpets with thick foam and rubber or latex backing are not suitable. You should clarify this with the manufacturer before installing heating.


Q: Can I wash my carpets?
A: Absolutely. The heating pads are water resistant. The heating elements are fully waterproof. When having your carpets washed, never use the heater to dry them as the carpet could get marked.


Q: Can I fit under carpet heating under my existing carpets?
A: Pioneer technicians are fully skilled with lifting and refitting of carpets.


Q: Will the thickness of the under felt make a difference?
A: Yes it can. It stands to reason that if the under felt is too thin or worn out, you will feel the “bumps” or “lumps” of the cabling under your feet. Pioneer uses 6mm flat cables to minimize this though. Under lay should be a minimum of 1000gram for best results.


Q: Will my carpet look the same after lifting and re-stretching?
A: Yes, and sometimes better.


Q: Can I put my Persian rug on top of my carpet or laminated timber floor once heating has been installed?
A: Please no. This is due to the heat build up caused by the loose rug that prevents the circulation of the warm air. This can certainly cause unnecessary damage to your floor covering.