FAQ – “Questions on tile heating”

Q: Can I install tile heating under existing tiled floors?
A: Unfortunately not. The installation of tile heating can only be done before the tiles are laid. If however you have purchased a new existing home without tile heating, you can have a carpet heater installed under a loose lay rug.

Q: Will tile heating crack my tiles?
A: No. The temperatures attained by floor heating systems are even lower than your floor may reach on a hot summer’s day. It is however important to have your tiles installed professionally and according to manufacturers recommendations.

Q: Do I need expansion joints on my tiled floor?
A: Absolutely. All tiled floors need expansion joints and with heating installed the need for expansion joints is even more critical.

Q: Is it safe to have under tile heating in my bathroom?
A: Absolutely and with Pioneer it is totally safe. Pioneer installs only fully earthed heaters as per legislation. Of all the rooms in your home this is the one room where you deserve the comfort a Pioneer floor heating system provides.

Q: Must I turn off the whole system if I am going away for the week-end?
A: No. It is advisable to set the temperature down a little so that when you return, all you have to do is adjust it to your desired comfort level and you will enjoy the comfort again in no time at all.

Q: Can I install tile heating myself?
A: We would prefer that you did not. Floor heating systems are professionally installed through our trained personnel.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong with my tile heating system?
A: At least all is not lost. Pioneer has a team of technicians trained to give you your comfort back when you need it most. We can pin point the fault through the tile, repair the heater and will have you comfortable in the shortest possible time. Complete Comfort – For Sure!