Underfloor Heating

Eight Key Benefits of Underfloor Heating for South African Homes

Underfloor heating is not new, but it has certainly caught on as a trend, especially in new homes. The comfortable feeling of feet being warmed by the floor, especially on cold winter mornings, has undeniable appeal. If you have not yet added this luxury to your home, consider the benefits of having warm and cosy tiles or carpets in some or all the rooms of the house:

1.Little to No Maintenance

If high-quality luxury underfloor heating is installed professionally, you have the assurance that the floor surfaces of your home will stay warm and comfortable for years without requiring regular maintenance.

2.Comfort Throughout Winter

Whether the home has carpets or tiles, you will agree that walking around on cold surfaces during the winter months is uncomfortable. Even your pets will love the subtle heat from the floor surfaces, especially the consistency of warmth. The home is gently heated throughout without having to use heaters to do so.

3.Flexible Temperature Control

Every room in the house where the underfloor heating is installed can be fitted with a thermostat for heat control. As such, you stay in control of how warm or cool the floor surfaces in your home should be. In this way, you can create the ultimate level of comfort for every room, since some family members may be more sensitive to the cold than others.

4.Perfect for Open-Plan Design

Many modern homes feature open-plan designs with the kitchen, dining, and living rooms connected to the veranda and entertainment areas. Trying to create consistency in temperature in such large connected open spaces can be problematic. You have to install heaters in every section and, with the open-plan design, it is difficult to achieve temperature consistency. However, with underfloor heating, there are no hot and cold spots. The technology makes it possible to warm large open spaces effectively without adding thousands to your utilities bill.


Consider the space heaters, whether electric or gas-powered, take up. Moreover, the units do not fit in well with home décor. You do not have unsightly heaters taking up space, causing visual clutter in your home.


Heaters and fireplaces are not child-friendly. Many children are injured every year because of their curiosity with dangerous appliances in the home. You have to install special screens around fireplaces and heaters to protect kids and pets. Now you do not have open sources of heat and there are no power connections in reach of tiny hands.

7.Quick Warmup

It does not take long for a room to warm up. If you want to enhance the overall comfort and ambience of a room, simply switch on the underfloor heating.

8.Adding Value

It adds value to any home. As such, you add to the property’s value. Should you ever want to sell, you will be glad to know that it is one feature that will make the home stand out and will add to its selling price.

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