Flooring Heating Systems

Add Comfort to Your Home with Under-Floor Heating Systems

Tile flooring can be very cold, especially during the winter months. Having this type of flooring with its benefits of easy cleaning, a hygienic look and feel, and longevity therefore comes with a downside. It is, however, possible to have the best of both worlds through the installation of one of our floor heating systems.

Unlike what many people believe, the tile flooring will not crack. The temperatures reached through the floor heating systems are still lower than what the floor would reach on a warm summer’s day. That said, longevity of any product is related to its quality, in addition to how the product is installed and maintained. As such, never skimp on the quality of tiles and make sure the installation is done by professionals.

The bathroom is the one place where you will want under-floor heating. Nothing is worse than getting out of a hot shower and then having to walk on the cold bathroom tiles. Yet, people fear that installing under-floor heating in the bathroom may be dangerous. Fortunately, Pioneer installs only earthed flooring systems in accordance with legislative requirements. You can thus have the comfort of warmth underfoot in the bathroom where you will appreciate the luxury more than any other room in the house.

You may wonder about repairs and maintenance of the floor heating systems, and this is a valid concern. Luckily, when you make use of our services and products you also have professionals available to troubleshoot and pinpoint any fault through the tiles, and who can fix problems quickly. For your convenience, we recommend not switching off the entire system when you go away for a weekend. Just turn down the temperature and upon return, simply adjust the temperature to meet your comfort level.

What about the rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting?

Our floor heating systems are well suited for flooring such as carpets as well. The systems are installed away from furniture with solid bases. For instance, we place the heating panels next to the bed rather than under it. Our systems are flexible enough to be installed even under loose rugs. The flooring can be warmed within 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the surface under which it is installed.

You can still wash your carpets, even with the system installed, as the heating pads are water-resistant and the elements completely waterproof. This is also why the pads can be installed in bathrooms. Understandably, you do not necessarily want to install new carpets after installing floor heating. Our professionals are skilled in fitting the systems under existing wall-to-wall carpets. You will thus not have to install new carpets. Your carpets will look great, if not better, after the installation team has done their work.

It is time to add comfort and warmth to your home. View our full product and service range to get an overview of how we can help improve the comfort in your home. Call us for more information about our innovative products and professional installation services.